Employment Opportunities at NCGR

The National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR) is a nonprofit independent research institute engaged in plant, animal, and human genomics. NCGR also provides sequencing and bioinformatics services for external sites.  In sequencing, we operate PacBio and Illumina sequencing platforms in the domains of genome (de novo and resequencing), methylome, transcriptome, and ncRNA sequencing.  In analysis, we interpret sequence data at all levels.

Linux system administrator: scientific computing
The National Center for Genome Resources is a non-profit genomics and bioinformatics research institute located in Santa Fe, NM. We are seeking a systems administrator to make up a team of two that will support the institute’s 20 researchers and staff in their mission of applying DNA and RNA sequence analytics to pressing 21st century problems in biology. The ideal applicant will be familiar with supporting scientific computing, having some or all of the following skills and experience: 

 • Strong focus on supporting computationally intensive research
 • Network and firewall design, configuration and security, especially Cisco
 • Strong Linux administration skills including CentOS experience
 • Hands on data center experience including hardware installation, configuration, and maintenance
 • Virtualization / Containerization
 • Configuring and maintaining clusters and support for distributed computing
 • Experience with documentation and process

Additional tasks include:

 • Shared on call / occasional after hours support
 • Working on site
 • Google mail and calendar troubleshooting and support
 • Desktop support (OS X and Windows)
 • Windows active directory
 • Willingness to learn and manage some facilities tasks
 • Ability to lift and transport heavy objects
 • Ethical work philosophy: integrity, discretion, confidentiality
 • Other tasks as assigned

The job is a full-time staff position, with a 40-hour work week, occasional overtime and after hours emergency duties. NCGR is a demanding environment for a sysadmin, and we value traits that make person fit our work environment over specific qualifications.

NCGR is a not for profit organization and an equal opportunity employer, offering competitive compensation and a generous benefits package. Santa Fe is located in the New Mexico high desert at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, close to a major transportation hub, and offers unparalleled quality of living. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to apply.


Bioinformatics Analysts: Bioinformatics analysts will perform analysis of data obtained from short-read sequencing projects, including alignment to reference sequences, de novo assembly, and interpretation of results.  Background skills include a minimum of a bachelor's degree in biology, biochemistry, molecular biology or related field, with experience in shell and Perl scripting, biological experimental methods and data interpretation. Preference will be given to a demonstrated experience in genomic or related analysis, particularly with respect to data-intensive sequencing technologies.

No positions currently open.


Postdoctoral Fellows: Postdoctoral fellows will have received their Ph.D. in a computational or biological science, but with considerable cross-training or experience in the reciprocal area. These areas may include plant, animal, or human biology, molecular or systems biology, or computer science. Fellows will initially be hired to develop projects in existing areas of interest to NCGR. These positions will require considerable independence in terms of developing significant research thrusts within projects.

No positions currently open.


Developers: Software developers will have considerable and demonstrable skills in contemporary programming languages, including Java, Perl and Ruby, and comfortable with good software development processes including revision control, release management and post hoc support. Additional languages (C, C++ etc.) are desirable. Other areas of interest include distributed and/or cloud computing, and visualization development. Developers should have a firm grounding in the objectives of modern biological research and standard methodologies.

No positions currently open.


Consultants: Specialized areas of development that are of interest include data modeling, database and pipeline development in a genomic or biological context. Candidates must have demonstrated strengths in the design, development, and implementation of distributed systems for workflows and in data management. Strong communication skills are required, as well as an ability to work on multiple teams.

No positions currently open.


Research Assistants:  Research assistants will undertake day-to-day, production sequencing operations of the Genome Center. Applicants with experience in molecular biology and production sequencing operations, particularly with next-generation sequencing instruments, are encouraged to apply. The successful candidate will work as a part of team in the Genome Center, in daily operation of sequencing instruments, optimization of protocols and quality metrics, and implementing new applications. Applicants should have a B.S. or equivalent, significant molecular genetics skills, and experience in running production laboratory services such as DNA sequencing will be desirable.

No positions currently open.