New Mexico Consortium: NCGR attended the NMC Bio-initiative Workshop (5/8-5/9) at Los Alamos National Labs. 

The New Mexico Consortium (NMC) is a non-profit corporation formed by the three New Mexico research universities to advance scientific research and education in New Mexico. NMC pursues joint initiatives with LANL in Advanced Computing, Plant Biology, Biomedical Engineering and Modeling and Analysis. These initiatives leverage the technical strengths of the partnership to achieve technical advances in support of national priorities. We choose technical areas where the partnership, working together, has a unique competitive advantage.

NMC coordinates and leads joint program development efforts, pursues, develops and executes research and educational programs and organizes meetings ranging from workshops to international conferences, among many other activities. The NMC currently manages over $25M in research grants and contracts. Our goal is to develop and continually improve models for pursuing collaborative research across our partner institutions. This establishes the foundation for vibrant inter-disciplinary, cross-institutional research and puts the NMC in a unique position to tackle global grand challenges.